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Brief of Works


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9.21 Rebuild,Taiwan
5.12 Rebuild,Sichuan
8.8 Rebuild,Taiwan
4.20 Rebuild,Sichuan
Rural ecological housing
Community Building
Public Building
Educational Building
Individual housing
9.21 Individual housing 
Social Housing
Ecological toilet
More Projects
Coming soon
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We believe that everyone has the right to build their own home.

It is our expectancy that people can regain their right to build.

We believe that it is not necessary to pay dearly to obtain and live in a harmonious and comfortable residential community.

We aim at building low-cost, harmonious residential community for common people at any accessible places.

We believe that people’s right to own a structurally safe and sturdy house should never be taken away from them by any other persons or institutions.

Both in rural villages and urban cities we are capable of constructing structurally safe and environmentally friendly houses.

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