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Home 2025Imagining & Thinking Plan

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Home 2025
What would our life look like in a decade?

A decade is perceived and defined differently by various stages of a lifetime; a decade is not considerably long; however, it more than suffices as a benchmark for us to ponder the past, the present, and future, in the fast-changing dynamic of our time. Where will we be in the vastness of the cosmos after a decade? What is the role we will assume? How would Taiwan's geopolitical, socioeconomic, and demographical prospects look like in ten years?

"Home" is the thematic focus of JUT Art Museum's debut exhibition, and it's aptly named, "HOME 2025." It urges the audience to contemplate mankind's very-basic social unit, and spotlights the possibility of inhabitation arrangements through a spatiotemporal perspective, encouraging the viewer to think about possible inhabitation alternatives in a decade.

"Home" Defined

Our perception of "home" is the culmination of our imagining and thinking: we set off our journey from our beloved homeland-an island renowned for its incredible historic resilience and cultural richness-and discover gems of creativity. The fast-paced shifts in our demographic and socioeconomic structure have led many inhabitation issues to surface, ranging from live-alones, mesh-up living arrangements, and alternative cohabitation structures. Self-employed freelancers who work from home, and professionals-on-the-move have different demands for a workspace/dwelling place, and these demands consistently challenge the definition of "home." Instead of a commercial commodity, or an architectural fixture, home is a place for emotional and spiritual belongingness, and a sanctum for reflections. Only in being such a place would we come into contact the quality of life, the fiber of aesthetics, and fulfillment.    

Ching-Yueh Roan, Wei-Hsiung Chan, and Sotetsu Sha are the team of curators for this exhibition, who have begun working since May, 2015, to coordinate among 29 teams of designers, architects, and 20 topflight businesses; they brainstormed for nearly 18 months to explore the different inhabitation arrangements of the future, and confronted the social, economic, and environmental issues facing Taiwan by engaging creative thinkers and industrial representatives. The fruit of their labor is a visionary and cross-disciplinary project that delineates the homescapes of 2025. 

The program will feature six major themes: "A home where the sky meets the sea: a Tai-wanderful architecture perspective;" "One with the planet: do green and live green;" "Leave you never: a new breed of homes for public shares and private musings;" "Adapting to cope: a treasure chest of new living and thinking;" "Beyond smart home solutions: Comfort- and safety-first homefront applications;" and "Sense and sensibility: Home for emotional recharge and reset." The 30 projects are actualized into large, life-size installation art pieces, scalable models and photographs to conceptualize our not-at-all-unlikely visions of home, and create a "foreseeable, imagery diorama of dwelling places. And you are invited to join us on this extraordinary journey.

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