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Open Architecture
Combined with Traditional&Local Building Technology

Space, structure, and structuring principles are open and flexible: they should adapt to local conditions, incorporate local resource; deploy local traditional materials and craftsmanship; and be flexible enough to shift dynamically in response to changing need.

Reinforced-light-weight Steel
Post and Beam System
Construct  by Unskilled Person

Our system employs reinforced cold-rolled steel as the structure skeleton with lightweight steel floor and roof. Construction is simlified through professional design. People can build the house themselves using hand tools under professional technical guidance, which significantly reduces construction labor cost.


DFP Light steel system 

Our system employs reinforced cold-rolled steel as the structural skeleton with light-weight steel floor and roof, which significantly reduces the weight of the building, thus enabling the structure to resist earthquakes up to 8-magnitude. Beside the mainstructure, walls, floors and roofs can be made from various bulding materials, such as stone, bamboo, clay & straw, recycled brick/wood, reducing the cost and speed of the construction greatly. Its best features are speed, seismic resilience and scalablility, most suitable for housing construction in rural areas.

Simple Construction Principles
Work right / Participation

Community self-built construction system

Enable residents to use simple tools so that even those not trained in architecture can participate in the construction; respect the right of every person to life and to work with dignity; invest excess labor-power in material processing and construction; reduce dependence on mainstream construction markets; reduce dependence on mainstream 'currency'; simplify production facilities and equipment to decrease for capital investment.

Object-oriental project
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