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Individual Residential

Those individual houses are designed as per to personal preferences, with varied and per-sonalized dwelling size and exterior.

Post-disaster Reconstruction

It is not only technical issue that consist of 

the concept of sustainable architecture, but also issues of environment protection, 

economics and social culture. Besides 

resetting people in stricken area as soon as 

possible, to face those issues is a much more important mission for house reconstruction. Since the original community has a social 

culture clash caused by post-disaster unemployment and resettlement, 

uniting people’s own efforts to build their 

houses proves to be the most operative way reconciling various requirements.

Public Building(ficility)

Our public buildings can emerge perfectly into local customs and environment with its strong vernacular characteristics.

This is all about our works.

It contains four parts, Public Building, Individual Residential ,Post-disaster Reconstruction and Construction of  Rural Area.

Construction of Rural Area

Under the current international trend toward sustainable development, it is needed to call new ideas and acts in promoting the reconstruction of the Chinese rural architecture and infrastructure. On this issue rastudio has focused on a set of cultivation and projects in hope of cultivating stuff working on rural architecture issues, and therefore promoting the construction of new countryside.


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